Gas Detection

• Personal Gas Detectors
• Tank-Inert Gas Detectors
• Alcohol Measurement Detectors
• Fixed Gas Detection Systems


UTI & Samplers

• Portable Closed / Gas-tight UTI's

• Portable Restricted / Open UTI's

• Portable Sampling Units

Instrument Service & Calibration

Having Manufacturer Trained and Certified Technicians, SvB Safety Services is able to offer Instrument Service & Calibration to the latest Manufacturer Standards.


In our Instrument Calibration workshops, in Rotterdam - Hamburg - Gdansk, we provide quick in-port calibration or a fleet covered exchange program for your instruments, so we are able to offer services exactly to your requirements.


With our services we take also into account iSGOTT and SIRE regulations / requirements, so your seamen are operating safely on your vessels.

Temperature & Pressure

• Temperature Calibrators

• Pressure Calibrators

• Reference Thermometers

• Reference Manometers