• Retrofitting/Conversions
  • Service, Maintenance
  • Supply of parts, Refrigerants



Refrigeration Service, Maintenance & Inspection

To fully satisfy our customers’ needs and to provide complex range of works we are offering PROFFESIONAL REFRIGERATION SERVICES through our partner company MARINE INVEST Refrigeration.


Our company is able to provide full range of SERVICE, MAINTENANCE & INSPECTIONS of every system beginning from routine check of installation through corroded pipes exchange to overhaul compressors (screw/piston). We can perform periodically LEAK TIGHTNESS INSPECTIONS and PERFORMANCE TESTS of our customers systems.


We offer professional RETROFITTING of refrigerating systems on board ships into environmental friendly ones (as per present and future regulations). Some modifications are needed but that depend on the used refrigerant. We assess what is recommended to exchange as per actual systems components condition, sealing materials wastage, etc.


We are able to deliver majority of SPARE PARTS and materials for refrigeration, such as filters/driers, thermostatic expansion valves, stop- valves, new compressors, wide range of REFRIGERANTS, etc. Our supplies could be arranged worldwide.


For all mentioned jobs our company always provides experienced engineers.

For our customers all refrigeration jobs might be arranged even in relatively short notice.


Our company holds Germanischer Lloyd ISO 9001:2008 certificate which proves that our services are provided with highest level of quality. We make sure that our employees are constantly trained so we can match all newest technological standards.