About us...

SvB Safety Services was founded out of the idea of several Maritime Experts that have specialized in Fire-Fighting & Safety Equipment Services over the years of working in the Shipping-Industry.


Being well known in this world-wide industry and having partnered with local and international suppliers of fire and safety equipment, and having a flexible work mentality, we serve our customers with quality, knowledge and support in all the main ports.


SvB Safety Services offers a complete range of Fire Fighting - Life Saving - Instrument - Refrigeration Equipment service products through out own workshops in Germany - Poland and The Netherlands. And via a Certified Partner Network we are able to provide the same level of service also on a World-Wide basis.


Having partnered with like minded professionals & companies we can assure our customers SOLAS and Manufacturer approved technicians to provide services on your vessels.


In our Instrument Calibration workshops we provide quick in-port calibration or a fleet covered exchange program for your instruments, so we are able to offer services exactly to your requirements


Relying upon years of expertise, knowhow and dedication to quality, your vessels will operate safe with SvB Safety Services